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Investing time in you

As a candidate, we appreciate how important it is to be represented by a recruiter who genuinely invests the time in you. Making any career move is an important step, therefore being supported by a consultant who understands what you are looking for and what is imperative to you by way of job role, company, cultural fit, career prospects and location are all essential factors.

We take the time to listen, understand and act in your best interests accordingly. We also strive to add wider value to your next career move by thinking outside of the box and exploring other avenues where you could transfer your skills.

Our process

We start by arranging to meet with you face to face, this would generally be in one of our offices or at a convenient location/venue.

During this meeting, we would conduct an in-depth interview in order for us to fully understand your experience, skills and key achievements. This is also a vital time to discuss your career to date along with your career and personal aspirations.  We will map out how we would best represent you and will ALWAYS secure your approval before your CV and profile is presented to prospective employers.

Our support

We take our role in supporting you with your next career move very seriously.  You will find that we operate a high level of communication throughout the entire process. We are in regular contact and will furnish you with relevant research information to ensure you are fully prepared. We are always available as a sounding board and take PRIDE in representing our candidates to well-matched positions with companies who have like-minded values.



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